Troubleshoot pH Transmitters, Analyzers & other pH Instruments

PIE Calibrators help you troubleshoot & calibrate pH Instruments Instruments that measure pH are some of the most difficult devices to maintain in a process plant. While temperature, frequency & pressure sensors can, under the right conditions, measure for years, pH sensors require regular maintenance and replacement. Many technicians get frustrated when there is a problem with pH sensors and instruments not reading correctly. A PIE calibrator with pH simulation can speed up the troubleshooting and adjustment of pH transmitters and analyzers. This is the most accurate method of checking the performance and gives you confidence that the instrument is working properly. Several PIE Calibrators simulate pH probes directly in pH. The built-in pH range eliminates converting between pH and millivolts. Model 235 Process Voltage Calibrator Model 820-ELITE Mutlifunction Diagnostic Process Calibrator Model 830 Process Calibrator – Loop Diagnostics & Loop Supply The high resolution pH range covers from 0.000 14.000 pH corresponding to -414.12 to + 414.12 millivolts. Accuracy: millivolts is ≤ ± (0.02 % of Reading in mV + 0.1 mV) pH is ≤ ± 0.003 pH @ 25°C Use the pH simulator to verify proper operation of pH devices before you place a probe into a calibrated buffer. Adjusting the pH transmitter or analyzer without a probe allows you to make sure the device is calibrated and doesn’t require too much offset with the probe. Click the link below for more details on using a pH simulator to troubleshoot pH instruments.  Contact us now for a demonstration and see how much easier it is to calibrate ALL your pH...

PIE Patented Leakage Detection Technology

One feature found in the PIE line of calibrators that does not get the attention that it deserves is our patented Leakage Detection Technology which is found exclusively in the following products: 334 Plus Milliamp Loop Diagnostic Calibrator 434 Automated Diagnostic 4-20 mA Calibrator 532 Loop Calibrator with Loop Diagnostics 820 Elite High Accuracy Multifunction Process Calibrator 830 High Accuracy Multifunction Diagnostic Calibrator with Dual Display The Leakage Detection technology allows Maintenance and I&E personnel a quick and easy way to be able to isolate erratic loop readings to either the transmitter or the loop itself, potentially saving countless hours of time. See the below PDF Link, which outlines several commonly found scenarios and how PIE’s Leakage Detection Technology can help with the diagnosis....

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