PIE 525Plus

PIE 525Plus


The Practical Instrument Electronics (PIE) 525PLUS calibrator is an automated, high accuracy instrument designed to calibrate all your thermocouple and RTD instruments and measure temperature sensors.

Other Details :

The only 3-in-1 thermocouple and RTD calibrator with full function milliamp calibrator on the market

Protect instruments & technicians from potentially dangerous catastrophic failures due to hidden loop problems. Quickly diagnose ground fault and current leakage often caused by water in conduits and junction boxes with patented loop diagnostic technology (US Patent# 7,248,058).

The PIE 525Plus has the best accuracy & stability found in a handheld thermocouple/RTD calibrator. Verify Heat Treating Uniformity, Survey Recorders & perform System Accuracy Tests. The PIE 525Plus is capable of meeting the requirements of an AMS 2750 Field Test Instrument when certified by an accredited laboratory. Track sensor deterioration over time with the unique ability to check the health of a thermocouple sensor. The PIE 525Plus will simultaneously display the resistance of the sensor and wiring while measuring the temperature being sensed by the thermocouple element.

No competitor’s calibrator is compatible with as many process instruments as the PIE 525Plus! Connect directly to the RTD inputs of smart transmitters, PLCs, DCS and multichannel recorders and verify their outputs or displays. Troubleshoot sensor connections and find broken wires with patented technology. Connect your two, three or four wire RTDs and the PIE 311Plus automatically detects the connections.

Half the size of the closest competitor & easiest to use. Fits the palm of your hand like a cell phone and weighs less than a pound. Automatic indication of connections on the display for simple hookups. Carry it without worry - it comes protected with a rubber boot and rugged, low profile switches. Easy to operate even in dark areas of the plant with the backlit display.